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CSX 94

Steam-ID: 76561197960560399
Status: In non-Steam game

Account status: public
VAC-Banned: no
Member since: September 13, 2003
Location: Germany
Steam URL: CyberSoniX
Info: you might also know me as CyberSoniX
my Steam broadcast when I play games feel free to watch

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Playtime: 2,750 hours
Within 30 days: 39.9 Stunden
Playtime: 3.8 hours
Within 30 days: 2.2 Stunden
Playtime: 6.0 hours
Within 30 days: 1.6 Stunden
Playtime: 2.2 hours
Within 30 days: 1.5 Stunden
Playtime: 1.3 hours
Within 30 days: 1.3 Stunden
Playtime: 1.2 hours
Within 30 days: 1.2 Stunden


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