Information about the APIs we use

  • We at dont think it makes sense to reinvent the wheel and therefore we use officially provided possibilities to optimize interfaces and techniques from different providers in order to optimize our search results and to extend the functional range continuously and meaningfully. Since is in a constant development and maintenance process, interfaces and already implemented functions can change at any time or be supplemented or replaced by newer versions or alternatives. These changes will be promptly updated in this document and can be viewed at any time.

    Google (News):

    Since Google is undisputedly synonymous with high quality and outstanding performance, the team behind has decided to use the way via the APIs provided by Google LLC and thus to be able to provide the advantages of the search algorithms for our users. This means that you will get the same high quality of Googles image search and web search via, without any loss of performance and at uncritical conditions. This means that no personal data about you will be disclosed or stored. At this point I would like to thank Google for providing an excellent API.

    Openweather (Weather):

    A self-evident function that can be found nowadays mostly as secondary information on many platforms and devices is the weather. Also at weather forecasts should not be missing. Unlike other solutions, we do not want to treat the weather as mere secondary information. Thats why, after extensive research and self-testing, our team decided to use the high quality weather data from Openweather, which brings the weather back to life as a remarkable piece of information. The weather data provided almost always correspond to reality and can be regarded as very reliable from our point of view. At this point we would like to thank Openweather for providing the excellent weather data.

    Youtube (Videos):

    There are, of course, functions that are simply taken for granted out of habit. This also includes the possibility to search for favourite videos in special databases on Point. In order to cover this need, we use the possibility provided by Youtube to search directly in your data pool and to display the corresponding videos. The videos can be played directly via the interface of, which reflects the pleasant user-friendliness of We would also like to thank Youtube for this opportunity.