Free search engine API (qmetaAPI)

  • offers a free, uncensored and unlimited API. To use the API you need an API-"KEY", which you have to request by e-mail. Although we offer the API free of charge, we want to have control over who uses our data as much as possible. After a visual inspection of your data, we will send you the API-Key as soon as possible.

    Request API-KEY:


    You can also call the URL endpoint without HTTPS.

    Required GET parameters

    All GET parameters are mandatory.

    QUERY: <query>()[string]
    OFFSET: <offset>()[integer]{default: 0}
    KEY: <key>()[integer]
    LANG: <language>(en/de)[string]
    FORMAT: <format>(json/xml)[string]

    If you have any questions, problems or suggestions, we will help you HERE.

    PHP-Code example JQUERY-Code example NODEJS-Code example

    Terms of use: The API may also be used for commercial purposes. There is no right to use the API. We reserve the right to disable your API key at any time without justification. There is no minimum API reachability. The removal of the advertisement from the search results is prohibited. Use of the API is only permitted if you accept these Terms of Use.