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  • We want to advertise

    It is very important to our team that we respond to the needs of our users with qmeta.net and have been able to eliminate the disadvantages of other search engines as far as possible. Among other things, this also includes the leitmotif of being able to offer advertising as minimalistically as possible.

    Advertising banners or other forms of advertising that can have a negative impact on usability and user experience are a taboo topic for us.

    Why we advertise

    We advertise small, interesting or revolutionary websites. Simply because we want to support you! However, this does not endanger or negatively affect the level or usability of qmeta.net. Since we will strictly adhere to the model of minimalism, the advertising measures at qmeta.net can be regarded as very exclusive and therefore also much more efficient than with comparable search engines (above all because our advertising is and remains free of charge).

    You want to advertise on qmeta.net?

    How to participate: If you would also like to advertise your website, send an email to "ads@bi0s.de" and receive a pre-fabricated form in which you can specify the required information about yourself, as well as keywords and duration of the advertising. Of course free of charge!

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