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For example, Google Translate helps people communicate across languages by detecting common language patterns in phrases you ask it to translate

Google Translate is... just broken

Youtube: Random Týpek
this video is okokokokokokooko --------------------------- Used music: Kevin MacLeod - Breaktime National Techno Anthem of The Union of Soviet Socialist Republic ...

Google Translate goes nuts

Youtube: Random Týpek
Used music: a-ha - Take On Me Off Broadway (by Werner Tautz) Kirin J. Callinan - Big Enough Frank Sinatra - New York New York Local Forecast (by Kevin ...

বাংলায় বলে ইংরেজি শিখুন How To Learn English With Google Translate

Youtube: YouTube Bangla
Bondhura aazker video te royeche kivabe Bangla Bole English Shikhben . Ei poddhotite asholei apni khubb shohoje Bangla Bole English shikhte parben ...

Using Google Translate [GONE WRONG]

Youtube: Random Týpek
comedy at its best --------------------- Used music: Electric Zoo Thomas The Tank Engine Ivor Slaney - Window Gazing Jingle Bells Jürgen Schlachter - The Big ...