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Hacker Eva Galperin Has a Plan to Eradicate Stalkerware | WIRED

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That would be cool." / [..] ilsIsRegexp(STARTS_WITH),"String",{startsWith:function(e){var t=_stringContext(this,e,STARTS_WITH),n=_toLength(Math.min(arguments.length1?arguments[1]:void...

Wikipedia:Community portal - Wikipedia

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Do you have need for a specialized script that doesn't exist yet, or have an idea for a cool new script or gadget? / Current events Reference Culture Geography Health History Math Nature People Philosophy [..]

Publications | Mathematics and Computation

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The meeting is  taking place in Tallinn, Estonia – a very cool country in many senses (it’s not quite spring yet even though we’re in the second half of May, and it’s the country that gave us Skype)

David Madore's WebLog: Mathematics

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[..] se répète périodiquement : voyez l'article Wikipédia que je viens de lier, il y a plein d'animations très cool dessus) : les séries de Fourier sont donc, si on préfère, une façon d'analyser les...