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Ep 158: Booker's Bourbon Review and Tasting with Knob Creek Single Barrel 120 Proof Comparison

Youtube: Whiskey Vault
Today we do a review and tasting of Booker's Bourbon and compare it to its close cousin, Knob Creek Single Barrel 120 Proof. Check out the Instagram account ...

Whiskey Review: Booker's Bourbon 2018-01 "Kathleen's Batch" + Booker's 2017-03 Front Porch Batch

Youtube: Whiskey Vault
Today we taste and review Booker's Bourbon 2018-01 "Kathleen's Batch" and Booker's 2017-03 Front Porch Batch. If you want to toast the channel: 1) Upload ...

Booker's Bourbon Blind Flight Fight!

Youtube: It's Bourbon Night
We take the latest three Booker's that are currently on the market (2018-01, 2017-04, 2017-03) and toss in the famed Center Cut batch (2015-03) and see who ...

Whiskey Review/Tasting: Bookers 7 years

Youtube: Whisky.com
http://www.whisky.com/whisky-database/bottle-search/details/fdb/Bottles/Details/bookers.html Nosing 7:25 Whisky .com tastes the Bookers 7 years. The nose: ...